The Body of the Town

Session 3 - Verna & Chalcedony

#MurderRug #Cultured

As the mystery deepened, Verna and Chalcedony split up for the night to further their investigation.

Chalcedony went to see the night’s performance by the Skeleton City Players, a venerable oldblood acting troupe of which the mysterious Finnabair was a member. After resorting to magical persuasion to convince a woman named Eva to hoist her above the fray (she was a standing groundling and a gnome, after all,) Chalcedony watched a performance of Sahem, a classic Husker play about the doomed love between two humans, Layla and Majnun, in that lost human homeland. Chalcedony sent a silent message spell to each actor on stage, eventually ascertaining from her slight reaction that the elf-like woman playing Majnun must be Finnabair. Chalcedony sent Finnabair a message to meet her after the show. However, when Chalcedony went backstage for the meeting, she found only a duergar special effects artist, smoking a pipe. After a few minutes of small talk, Chalcedony realized that this was the meeting she had arranged, and quickly intrigued the duergar with talk of information on Goliath & Company. However, before the duergar could return from going inside the Apatythe Theatre and reporting what he had heard, Chalcedony fled the scene, leaving magical graffiti instructing Finnabair to find her at the offices of The Sigil.

Verna went to her shift as the new alchemist at the defunct Vat & West refinery. She arrived in the Vatyards to find only Vendrien present, in a vast empty warehouse filled with broken vats. Vendrien led her to a small laboratory through an entrance under one such vat. Verna entered, and was almost immediately attacked by what seemed like an innocuous rug. After fending it off, Vendrien jumped into the laboratory, incensed that Verna survived his trap. Vendrien tried to kill her, but Verna slit his throat after a prolonged battle. Verna searched the laboratory for clues before reinforcements arrived, finding alchemical ingredients, a torn collection of instructions for brewing an unknown substance, and a note on Vendrien’s body instructing him to return to the “facility in the adipite mines.” She snuck out the refinery and made her way home to sleep off her assassination attempt.


Maer Maer

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