The Body of the Town

Session 4 - Verna & Chalcedony

#Kidnapping! #SauceWithThat

As she returned home from the play, Chalcedony heard a strange rumbling inside her house. Thinking someone was waiting for her inside, Chalcedony dropped off her daughter with a neighbor, and went to investigate. She peeked through a side window, but accidentally alerted the intruder to her presence and decided to leave the area. She grabbed a city guard and ran back to her home, but it was too late – Chalcedony’s neighbor was dead, Jaspice was missing, and the intruder was gone, leaving only a note to “meet in the Pellets at midnight if you want to see your daughter alive.” Chalcedony magically coerced the guard into focusing her time on this investigation, then returned to her offices to prepare the next morning’s Sigil.

The next morning, Verna arrived at Chalcedony’s office to find a flurry of activity, as the issue of The Sigil covering their investigation went to print. Chalcedony and Verna filled one another in on the events of the previous night. They spent the early hours of the morning decoding the fragments of Magda’s notes that Verna took from the Vat & West refinery, piecing together the steps of Magda’s recipe and determining that she had discovered a novel formula for a transmogrifying potion of unknown affect.

The office then had visitors – a group of Modrons, acting as representatives of Finnabair and the Skeleton City Players. Their leader offered our heroes a deal: the location of Goliath & Company’s facility within the mines, in exchange for taking the troupe’s Monodrone on their expedition as a recording device and potential explosive. Chalcedony and Verna accepted, and after halfheartedly disguising their new companion, made their way towards the Pellets with copies of the latest Sigil in tow.

There, they met with Gorim and Nysala in hopes of securing allies for the meeting with Goliath’s thugs. Nysala offered the services of her half-elf grandson Aeron as a lookout, and Gorim introduced our heroes to Mazdak Uhelu, the Hive, which was currently inhabiting Gorim’s daughter Branka. In gratitude for the kindness the heroes did to one of her bodies, Hive agreed to join them as backup when they went to meet the Goliath goons at the corner of Ecks & Why.

At the meet, it became immediately clear that there was no offer on the table and no sign of Jaspice. This was simply an ambush. With Hive’s help, Verna and Chalcedony made short work of the thugs, keeping their leader – the same one who had broken into Chalcedony’s home – alive for questioning. While he did not know much, his interrogation in the Pellets community center made it clear that Jaspice was sent to the Goliath laboratory in the mines. Chalcedony gave the thug over to Nysala. Neither Chalcedony nor Nysala were feeling merciful.


Maer Maer

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