The Body of the Town

Session 5 - Chalcedony & Alton

#CafeCombat #HotDate

After disposing of the captured Goliath thug, Verna and Chalcedony went their separate ways. Verna went home to do research on Magda’s mysterious compound, while Chalcedony and Monodrone headed into the Mineral District to scope out Goliath’s underground facility. Chalcedony convinced a bugbear miner to lead her onto Goliath grounds, but before she could get close, was intercepted by an officer of the Watch.

The officer – the same one Chalcedony had magically coerced into finding Jaspice the previous morning – asked Chalcedony to follow her to the nearest Watch headquarters. Chalcedony agreed, and Officer Nalyn led her to the interrogation room, where Chalcedony met Nalyn’s new informant within Goliath & Company. The informant – a tiefling named Marlo Clearfingers – explained that after Magda and Vendrien’s deaths and the publication of The Sigil’s Goliath exposé, Goliath had collapsed all entrances into the nearby mines. The facility was now inaccessible.

Marlo, however, had a plan. If Chalcedony could get her hands on some explosive dragonpowder, they could blow their way into the adipite mines, and find a route through the cave network into Goliath’s facility. After Officer Nalyn named some organizations in Husk with access to dragonpowder, Marlo and Chalcedony left the Watch office, heading to a nearby cafe to discuss their plan.

At the Ground to Dust Beneath Our Heels cafe, Marlo (who revealed his true name was Alton) and Chalcedony had only a brief chance to talk, before realizing they were being tailed by Goliath thugs. Chalcedony decided to confront them, and pretending to flee from her abusive husband (played by Alton,) walked out through the cafe’s kitchen to a back alley and hid inside a garbage can. One of the two thugs noticed the noise, however, and with her careful disguise exposed, Chalcedony prepped herself for a fight.

An undignified melee ensued, with the thugs trying to kill Chalcedony and Alton, while the kitchen staff of the cafe bravely fought off the thugs they assumed were hired by Alton. Chalcedony and Alton stood their ground for a few minutes, but after the Watch arrived to halt the fight, our heroes saw an opening. With a few magical words from Chalcedony, the thugs were attacking the city guard, giving the kitchen workers a break and our heroes a chance to make their escape. Moving quickly, they left the neighborhood and the melee behind.

Devising a plan while still on the run, Chalcedony and Alton split up. Chalcedony headed down to meet Verna at her home and fill her in on the day’s developments, while Alton went to the Vatyards looking for Goliath dragonpowder. Alton reapplied his Marlo disguise, and after arriving at his regular workplace, met an elf named Cerevos who had an interest in oldbloods. With a few sly words and a smile, Alton had the address of an outflow warehouse where Goliath stored excess dragonpowder and a date for next Saturday. Alton said goodbye to Cerevos, and beat a quick path down to the meetup at Verna’s.


Maer Maer

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