The Body of the Town

Session 6 - Verna, Chalcedony, and Alton


After an awkward introduction from Chalcedony, Verna welcomed Alton into her home. Alton let the party know the location of the overflow warehouse where Goliath stored dragonpowder, while Verna updated the party on the events of the previous day. She had escaped Goliath pursuers, and after a few hours of research, discovered the purpose of Magda’s mysterious compound: to transform those who consume it into echoes of the vast, dead monster Huskers call home.

After a few moments of planning their, our heroes headed to the eastern Vatyards to steal Goliath’s excess dragonpowder. They followed the road along Leg Lake, pausing near the warehouse as they scoped out the scene. Alton’s owl familiar identified an archer on the warehouse roof, while Chalcedony’s inkling determined that the ramp entrance was guarded by a fat human. Hoping to distract the guards and lure the archer off the roof, Chalcedony imbued her inkling with magic, and sent it to slither into the boot of the fat human. He collapsed, trembling in the throws of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, and our heroes made their move.

Chalcedony, Verna, and Alton dashed along the southern side of the warehouse, and peeking through the cracked front door, made their way inside. Remaining under cover, they quickly discerned that most of the guards had been drawn away by Chalcedony’s spell. They crept past an open office door, but a slight creak in the floorboards from Verna aroused the suspicion of the burly lead guard. The guard captain walked out of the office to discover the open warehouse door. Drawing her sword, she raised the alarm – intruders were in the warehouse.

Chalcedony quickly jotted down a few choice phrases, and the party was surrounded by an obscuring veil. Moving carefully to avoid the now-patrolling guards, they made their way across the warehouse and into another room, where Chalcedony had determined the dragonpowder was located. They were closing in on their target when a pony-tailed young human stepped out of an unseen hallway. The guard and the heroes stared at one another for a single moment, then grabbed their weapons. In a burst of motion, Verna and Alton stabbed the guard in the throat and broke into a dash. Blood had been spilled. It was only a matter of time until this heist turned into a battle.

Our heroes made their way towards the dragonpowder, but were halted by the archer Alton had seen on the roof. They attempted to finish her off quickly, but after a few misplaced blows, the archer cried out – she had found the intruders. The party had been discovered.

The heist quickly devolved into a bloodbath. Alton made quick work of the archer with a slash across the torso. Meanwhile, a confused enchanter working in the nearby workshop walked into the melee and sprayed the party with fire, while the captain of the guard approached, longsword and shortsword drawn. While Verna and Alton moved to confront the guard captain, Chalcedony found cover in the workshop doorway and drew her crossbow. The guard captain, Verna and Alton traded blocks and blows, and Chalcedony dispatched the enchanter with a bolt to the chest. A mastiff and dwarvish crossbowman walked in from the other room, and while the mastiff burst towards Chalcedony, the crossbowman fired a bolt into Verna’s shoulder.

The next moments passed in a blur. Verna sent magic missiles into the guard captain, the dwarf, and the mastiff, killing the dog and wounding the guards. Chalcedony busied herself rewriting small events, redirecting bolts and diverting sword swipes. Alton dodged the guard captains attacks and pierced her armor with arrow after arrow, until eventually, the guard captain caught him with two strikes to the chest. Alton cried out, dropped his bow, and collapsed, his owl still fluttering in the guard captain’s face.

With a primal scream, Verna surged forward, cutting down the guard captain with a few well-placed strokes of her shortsword. Chalcedony aimed, let out a breath, and buried a crossbow bolt in the dwarvish guard’s left eye. The heroes rushed to Alton’s side, but it was too late. His owl disappeared in a cloud of acrid smoke. Alton was gone.

The party moved in a haze, grabbing a few bags of dragonpowder from the nearby crates. They met with monodrone, waiting loyally outside, and made their way back to Verna’s home before reinforcements arrived. The party had what they needed to assault the Goliath compound. But they paid a high price.


Maer Maer

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