The Body of the Town

Session 1 - Chalcedony, Verna, and Care


Like all great adventurers, we start in jail. For crimes various and sundry, Chalcedony, Verna, and Care were locked in a single holding cell, until they were freed by guards Garrick and Eddard. Our heroes weren’t being pardoned – they were being moved to a new location, as the city had come under attack by the tarrasque. The prisoners fled with Garrick and Eddard toward the safety of the adipite mines, dodging falling rubble and scrapping with anti-immigrant fellow prisoners. Along the way, they picked up Chalcedony’s daughter Jaspice from her press in the Mining District. As the City Watch and the Scarvers drove off the tarrasque, the heroes made it underground, and back into the safety of a new cell.

Jumping forward three weeks, the prisoners had been convicted and sentenced to three weeks of community service, taking charge of post-attack clean-up and body-counts in a small neighborhood in the Pellets. Chalcedony went looking for a story, and dug up rumors of Goliath-&-Company-affiliated thugs kidnapping children in the slums. Care wandered off, looking for trouble in the Pits. And Verna dug through the rubble looking for bodies, finding an earless, eyeless, noseless figure with a receipt for 5,000 ebons worth of tallow. The issuer of the receipt? Goliath & Company.


Maer Maer

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